Tobacco Deaddiction


Worldwide tobacco is consumed in many forms. They are present both in smokeless as well in smoked tobacco form. Smoking forms of tobacco are beedis, cigarettes, cigars, chuttas, dhumti, pipe, hooklis, and hookah. Smokeless forms of tobacco include chewing paan (betel quid) with zarda(tobacco), guthka, pan masala, manipuri tobacco, mawa, khaini, kaddi pudi, chewing tobacco leaves, mishri, gul, snuff, tobacco tooth paste and as tobacco water. Tobacco consumed in any form may in due course of time produce its results in oral cavity, lungs, and in digestive system.

Tobacco is considered the most important factor in the etiology of the oral squamous cell carcinoma in various mucosal locations and small cell carcinoma of the lungs. Other pathologic entities associated with tobacco include: heart and arterial diseases, especially atherosclerotic peripheral vascular disease, esophageal and laryngeal cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, low birth weight, intrauterine growth retardation and periodontal disease.

Tobacco affects your health….and that of others around you….
For you….

  • Increases aging, staining of teeth, bad odour.
  • Sexual impotence if you are a man, miscarriage and infertility if you are a woman.
  • Cancer in mouth and cheek, throat, maxilla, lungs, oesophagus, stomach, and urinary bladder.
  • High blood pressure, high chances of a heart attack and stroke, smoker’s cough and lung disease, diabetes, high levels of cholesterol and reduced stamina.


For those around you….

  •  Babies born to mothers who smoke are sicker and smoking causes 4000 new babies to die each year in some countries.
  • Your smoking or smoking by any other person harms your family, your friends and your colleagues at work. They inhale the smoke given out by the cigarettes and beedis. This is called ‘Second hand smoking’ or passive smoking


Researches have proven the addictive nature of tobacco. It is because of nicotine present is tobacco. Smoked as well as smokeless tobacco produces effects because of presence of large amount of other harmful substances present in it. Cigarette smoke contains large amount of tar and other carcinogenic material which in chronic use produces precancerous and cancerous lesions. Similarly smokeless tobacco also contains variety of harmful substances that produces cancerous lesions.

Above pictures shows white lesions (leukoplakia) over tongue and cheek mucosa


Above pictures shows cancerous lesion over cheek and vestibule


It has been found in research that those who smoke have more amount of plaque accumulation and also have stains over teeth. There periodontal condition is also bad as compared to normal person.

Quitting tobacco is quite a tough job because of its highly addictive potential. But to quit tobacco you need to have strong will power as well as have concern for your family.

We at cosmo laser have proper counseling sessions for patients who want to quit tobacco. They are told about the substitutes of tobacco. They are evaluated as to what amount of medicines should be given. In case of any stress, tension or any withdrawal symptoms we also provide supportive therapy to the patients.