Facial Joints Pain

Soft tissue diode laser are now popular and have numerous advantages in dentistry.  Laser has wide range of applications varying from surgical procedures, laser bleaching, tooth desensitization, gum treatment, TMJ pain relief and many more. Laser surgeries are very acceptable to the patients because they are usually painfree, result in less swelling and do not require suturing procedures.


Facial joint pain is usually characterised by pain in the temporomandibular joint region i.e. around the ear and may radiate to head and neck region.
There are number of causes which may produce this type of pain. It may occur due to injury to the joint region, overexertion of muscles around the joints resulting from grinding or clenching of teeth or due to stress when the person tightens facial and jaw muscles or  clenchs  teeth.
However, in cases where pain is caused by overexertion of muscles around joints or due to night grinding habit, respond very well to diode laser bio simulation therapy. In addition to this night guards or NTI appliance can also provide good relief to the patients for longer duration.