Infections Of Oral And Facial Region

With the name of dental surgery a kind of stress and anxiety always occurs in patients mind but in this age of dentistry there are numbers of things available which can make your surgery experience pleasant. This requires lot of skill on operating surgeon to relieve the patient out of it.

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Microorganism forms the important part of our oral cavity as it has many beneficial activities in the mouth. But there numbers increases much more than normal then it produces infection in the orofacial region. Dental caries is the most common wherein the tooth if left untreated may produce severe infection. When the microorganisms present in dental caries reach the jaw bone by way of dental pulp, they start destroying the jaw bone internally along with formation of pus. This pus from bone comes out of bone by the path of least resistance and produce swelling in the oral cavity and may extends up to the facial region    .

Infection of orofacial region from other sources produces picture which is somewhat same and it needs to be treated as early as possible. Some of the infection subsides after localized treatment like RCT, curettage but others may require incision and drainage of pus and may require hospitalization.