Avulsed Tooth


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Dental avulsion is the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket in alveolar bone owing to trauma. The treatment consists of replantation, immediately if possible. Immediate replantation insures the best possible prognosis. Teeth that are protected in a physiologically ideal media can be replanted within 15 minutes to one hour after the accident with good prognosis. The success of delayed replantation depends on the vitality of the cells remaining on the root surface. In normal conditions, a tooth is connected to the socket by means of the periodontal ligament. When a tooth is knocked-out, that ligament stretches and splits in half. Maintaining the vitality of the cells that remain attached to the root surface is the key to success following replantation.

Dental avulsion is a real dental emergency in which prompt management (within 2040 minutes of injury) affects the prognosis of the tooth. The avulsed permanent tooth should be gently but well rinsed under tap water, with care taken not to damage the surface of the root which may have living periodontal fibres and cells. Once the tooth and mouth are clean an attempt can be made to re-plant in its original socket within the alveolar bone and later splinted by a dentist for several weeks. If tooth cannot be placed in tooth socket then during transportation  the tooth can be kept in saliva of the patient or in cold milk.