Temporomandibular Joint Diseases


With the name of dental surgery a kind of stress and anxiety always occurs in patients mind but in this age of dentistry there are numbers of things available which can make your surgery experience pleasant. This requires lot of skill on operating surgeon to relieve the patient out of it.

We at cosmo laser dental clinic provide a proper patient counselling before any dental surgery to relieve the patient from stress and if required anxiety reduction protocol is also followed. At cosmo laser the patient can have benefits of many surgeries. 


Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) arise as a result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and movement of the jaw.
Temporomandibular joint is normally a hinge type of bony joint present infront of the ear on both side and attaches the lower jaw to the skull bone. It is surrounded by many muscles which coordinate in the movement of joint in different planes. This joint along with muscles helps in opening and closing of mouth, forward and sideways movements of lower jaws.
There are many reasons which may produce temporomandibular diseases like it may be due to injury to the joint, pathology in the joint area, generalised joint problem in the body, or stress tension leading to excessive forces over muscles and bones leading to pain in the joint area.
The joint disease may manifest as pain in the joint area infront of the ear which may radiate to the head and neck region. In some cases there is inability to open the mouth and there are cases where the patient may not be able to close the mouth.

We at cosmo laser dental have different modalities available to treat the joint diseases which include laser therapy which provide lot amount of relieve in patients with joint pain and dislocation problems. Then TENS therapy and NTI appliance can also be given to the patients as and when required. In some cases due to childhood injury or infection in joint area the mouth may not open from birth. In those cases surgical intervention is also done to open the mouth of the child and to promote normal growth pattern of the child.