Trauma Or Fractures Of Facial Bones

With the name of dental surgery a kind of stress and anxiety always occurs in patients mind but in this age of dentistry there are numbers of things available which can make your surgery experience pleasant. This requires lot of skill on operating surgeon to relieve the patient out of it.

We at cosmo laser dental clinic provide a proper patient counselling before any dental surgery to relieve the patient from stress and if required anxiety reduction protocol is also followed. At cosmo laser the patient can have benefits of many surgeries.



With increasing number of road traffic as well as number of motor vehicles there is increasing trends of maxillofacial trauma these days. Maxillofacial trauma includes injury to the facial region including lower jaws, upper jaws, nasal bones, and region surrounding the eyes. Other causes of maxillofacial injury include sport injury, assault injury and fall from height.

These types of injuries may cause fracture of jaw bone as well as other bones of facial region. It may cause distortion of facial shape as well as disturbance in teeth position and there placement. Because of this injury patient cannot eat properly, there may be swelling in the facial region.  This type of injury should be dealt as early as possible to prevent facial deformity and recontour it to the normal shape. Ther are times when only a single tooth or multiple teeth may get displaced from there normal position and they need to be treated as early as possible.

We at cosmo laser dental clinic have all newer method available to treat the cases of maxillofacial injury which may include bone plating. With proper treatment planning the patient can be operated under local anaesthesia, sedation or general anaesthesia as and when required.