Fixed Orthodontics



The face is mirror of oneís soul and pleasing, confident smile reflects the personality. Severely proclined teeth or rabbit teeth donít allow you to smile openly nor is it possible to hide them behind lips. Overlapping, crooked teeth are unsightly too. Orthodontic treatment is the best natural way to get them straight.

Orthodontics is a meticulous science where slow, calculated tooth movements bring about the desirable esthetic results over a period of a year or more. It is also possible to correct or modify unwanted jaw growth pattern if intercepted in growth period of a child. The science has evolved over years to provide best aesthetics during and after treatment. The aim is to achieve aesthetic harmony while maintaining structural balance and functional efficiency. As said by Ralph Waldo Emerson Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.


Braces may appear as jewels on teeth. These may be metallic or tooth colored ceramic. Lately it is also possible to put braces on inner side of teeth hence invisible from outside. New CAD CAM technology gives an option of invisalign, a series of transparent retainers to correct mild malocclusions.

It is always advisable to have a regular checkup of child in growing period so that if required the growth modification appliances can be given at suitable time frame. Usually the braces for fixed orthodontics are needed after 12-13 years of age. So at this stage, proper monitoring of growth and treatment by dentist may result in aesthetically more pleasing smile.

We at cosmo laser dental clinic have a proper protocol for these patients. With complete records of x-rays, study models and photographs of the patient the treatment plan is evaluated for the patient.

Before                                                                                              After