Dentinal Hypersensitivity

Soft tissue diode laser are now popular and have numerous advantages in dentistry.  Laser has wide range of applications varying from surgical procedures, laser bleaching, tooth desensitization, gum treatment, TMJ pain relief and many more. Laser surgeries are very acceptable to the patients because they are usually painfree, result in less swelling and do not require suturing procedures.



Dentinal hypersensitivity is characterised by pain during eating or drinking something cold. The most common factors responsible for dentine hypersensitivity are abrasion caused by aggressive toothbrushing , parafunctional habits like grinding teeth during sleep ,  erosion as an effect of acids in the oral cavity. It is very commonly seen that the person who have the habit of chewing paan –supari  and gutka  have teeth which  wear off early, exposing the dentin of the teeth leading to dentinal hypersentivity.

In cases where excessive tooth  wear to expose dentin surface then,  laser biosimulation can provide good results. In cases where filling is required to make up for the tooth surface loss then in those cases also laser biosimulation can provide very good results followed by dental fillings. This procedure is absolutely painless and non-invasive and work by coagulation of fluid in dentinal tubules hence ceasing thermal conduction in tooth.