Periodontal Surgery


With the name of dental surgery a kind of stress and anxiety always occurs in patients mind but in this age of dentistry there are numbers of things available which can make your surgery experience pleasant. This requires lot of skill on operating surgeon to relieve the patient out of it.

We at cosmo laser dental clinic provide a proper patient counselling before any dental surgery to relieve the patient from stress and if required anxiety reduction protocol is also followed. At cosmo laser the patient can have benefits of many surgeries.


Periodontal surgery refers to the surgery related to the gums and adjoining tissue of the tooth or teeth. This surgery is indicated in patients who have reached in advanced stage of periodontitis. Periodontitis is characterized by swelling over the gums associated with bleeding, pocket around teeth and there is always some amount of mobility present with the tooth.
With proper diagnosis by means of clinical and radiographic examination a correct treatment plan can be decided. Depending upon the type of bone loss associated with the teeth decision can be taken as to whether bone grafting is required or not.

We at cosmo laser dental have proper treatment plans for patients suffering from gingivitis to periodontitis.

We take proper care of patients and usually advise the patient for painless laser surgery which has its proven efficiency.

But in other cases where bone grafting and surgical curettage is required then we also go for flap surgery.