Laser Gum Surgery


Soft tissue diode laser are now popular and have numerous advantages in dentistry.  Laser has wide range of applications varying from surgical procedures, laser bleaching, tooth desensitization, gum treatment, TMJ pain relief and many more. Laser surgeries are very acceptable to the patients because they are usually painfree, result in less swelling and do not require suturing procedures.


Laser gum surgery

Do you experience bleeding from gums while brushing? Or it looks swollen and bleeds while eating?

The healthy gum lodges the healthy teeth in a similar way as a clean home guards a healthy soul.
Bleeding gums is an indication and is in itself an alarm that you need gum treatment thoroughly. As proven in studies the bleeding gums acts as an open pathway for the oral microorganism to invade the cardiovascular system and can cause or exacerbate heart diseases. 
There are many possible causes of gingival bleeding. The main cause of gingival bleeding is the formation and accumulation of plaque at the gum line due to improper brushing and flossing of teeth. Plaque is a thin invisible layer composed of food particles and micro-organisms including bacteria and viruses in turn producing toxins, causing inflammation of gums . The hardened form of plaque along with mineral precipitates, leads to formation of calculus. Due to continued rubbing of inflamed gums over this calculus bleeding occurs. This  gingival bleeding when accompanied with bone loss around the tooth  results in periodontitis
With dental LASER traditional scalpel and suture surgeries can be avoided, with or without local anesthesia the inflammation in gums can be effectively reduced. The pain associated with surgery and the after effects like sensitivity, infection are negligible.  Laser assisted treatment ensures more comfort, no bleeding and very fast healing. Within short period of your laser surgery your gums will look completely normal.